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Houska Realty Group and Keller Williams, Atlanta Partners Realtors

Houska Realty Group and Keller Williams, Atlanta Partners Realtors

   The Houska Realty Group is birthed from within the Keller Williams Realty, Atlanta Partners platform. We are who we are because of Keller! We are an Elite Team of Independent Contractors working together in all aspects of Residential and Commercial properties throughout the State of Georgia. If you are looking for someone to assist you with the buying or selling of your Residential or Commercial Property, the Houska Realty Group has the time, the experience and the knowledge.

Our Team Leader and Team of REALTORS include: Tim Houska, Libby McCullough, Ron Largent and Mitchell Houska. We are Top-Rated Professional REALTORS ready to assist to work doing what we know how to do when it comes to real estate. We go above and beyond! We will walk with you all the way, working on your behalf.

Did I mention to you that the magnitude of Keller’s platform is M-E-G-A? It is a fact that Keller’s Listing seller 43% FASTER than all other agencies. Keller reaches all of Georgia, and across the USA. We are Global-International! This is one powerful platform! Working with Keller Williams Realty gives us partnership and access to the world…M-E-G-A.

KWR, Atlanta Partners and Houska Realty Group desires to lead in the fulfilling of dreams and changing lives by empowering all people of the American Dream. What is the American dream? Home Ownership! Everyone wants to own a home! Perhaps it is the ownership of land or a farm or perhaps YOUR dream is of starting or buying a new business. We can assist with YOUR dream! We have the entire package; the Agents, Mortgage Companies, Advertisement, Grants to assist with down payments and Attorneys. Our resources are incredible and we will strive to give you a life changing occurrence making YOUR dreams come true one client at a time.

Still thinking? Let us answer all your questions. Give one of us a call right now. Click on the SEARCH Tab at the top to review our REALTORS Profiles make a choice and contact one of us.

Happy Searching and Warmest regards,

                     Tim Houska, Libby McCullough, Ron Largent and Mitchell Houska            

REALTORS and Agents of Choice